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David Livingston snargi01 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 10:40:20 PDT 2003

A number of artists have experimented with electronics
in their horn playing over the years. Being a trumpet
player myself, Don Ellis and Bill Chase come to mind.
They were playing electric trumpets (or using effects)
in the early 70s. I think Don Ellis might have been
experimenting with electronics even earlier.

In the early 80s a trumpet player named Allen Vizzuti
cut a few albums heavy with electronic effects.

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--- James Kashishian <kash at ran.es> wrote:
~ snip ~
> It's stated in the Times article that he
> experimented with wah-wah
> pedals, etc on the trumpet.  Goes to show you
> everything's been done
> already.  I may have even beat Miles to the punch
> when I electrified my
> trombone in the early 70's (with a hole in the
> mouthpiece & a pickup
> jammed into it) & played quartet gigs with electric
> bass, drums &
> electric guitar.  I stuffed the trombone through
> wah-wah pedals, through
> a primitive 3 octave divider, and even recorded once
> with the trombone
> swishing around through a Hammond Organ
> whatayoucallit......the big
> wooden cabinet with the speakers spinning around &
> around inside.
~ snip ~

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