[Dixielandjazz] CD Review - NY Times

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Tue Sep 9 18:55:13 PDT 2003

Haven't heard of this Nick Payton fellow, but it would seem he is very
talented, but hasn't found his own sound yet.  

It's stated in the Times article that he experimented with wah-wah
pedals, etc on the trumpet.  Goes to show you everything's been done
already.  I may have even beat Miles to the punch when I electrified my
trombone in the early 70's (with a hole in the mouthpiece & a pickup
jammed into it) & played quartet gigs with electric bass, drums &
electric guitar.  I stuffed the trombone through wah-wah pedals, through
a primitive 3 octave divider, and even recorded once with the trombone
swishing around through a Hammond Organ whatayoucallit......the big
wooden cabinet with the speakers spinning around & around inside.

I gave all the electric period up fairly quickly and came back to my
roots......Dixieland!  :>

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