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> > Hey I'm whistling! I'd really appreciate it!

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>It's going in the mail tomorrow, Monday. --  I had copied
> it from two borrowed LP's which were in good shape, and I had scanned the
> essential info off the jackets. You remember in the old days they seldom
> said when the recordings were made. But, judging by the personnel on both
> the albums, I would say around 1965 because the James rhythm section had
> Buddy Rich, Red Kelly, and Jack Perciful, who were all in the band at that
> time-- oh, and Willie Smith on alto. Wups, Jerry Dodgion replaced Smith
> in1965 -- oh well --. I have a video of the 1965 band with those guys in
> If you can nail it down closer let me know.
> The "Double Dixie" album recording is weird in that the James band is on
> left track and the Matlock guys are sort of on the right track. Too much
> separation for my taste. Sounds like the big James band is standing out in
> the hall by the water cooler. Remember when stereo first came out the
> instruments were separated by the Walls Of Jerico practically. The
> recreations were a horrible example of that.
> But there is some nice stuff on both albums and I know you'll enjoy them.
> especially like "Relaxed Mood" -- lots of good James and Sims and Corky.
> Later, Cat


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