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John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
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This is terrible news - Karl Emil issued some wonderfully esoteric things on
Storyville, most of it must have been on his tab because as we are all aware
nobody nowadays is going to get very rich peddling OKOM. A couple of years
ago he tentatively tried to rope me in on one of his latest projects -
uncovering previously unissued Tatum material - but having been warned that
I would do a lot of work for no reward I selfishly declined.

Karl Emil eventually completed it without my participation - the wealth of
material he amassed was sufficient to fill eight CDs, only three of which
have appeared so far. I fervently hope that Storyville will survive, that
the musical policy will continue and that the five remaining Tatum CDs will
be released.

Yes, I know that as far as music is concerned I can be an unfeeling,
self-serving bastard. However if we search our souls we will find that it is
an affliction which has infected most of us on this list.

Having said that my sincere, heartfelt condolences go out to Karl Emil's
family and friends, he did us all a great service and I for one am grateful
for it.

John Farrell

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> Dear listmates,
> Today I heard that the founder and still owner of the Danish label
> STORYVILLE passed away on September 5. It was a real shock for me because
> August 6 he visted me here in Holland and we had a nice talk about his
> and jazz in general. In Europe we must thank him for so many lovely
> traditional and mainstream jazz records he gave us.
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