[Dixielandjazz] Re:Breda '89

tmartino tmartino at terra.com.br
Wed Sep 3 03:11:14 PDT 2003

De:Butch Thompson 
Para:tito martino 

> Tito
> I was there in '89 and I think I remember you, but (sorry) I don't recall playing S. P. Breakdown.... I'm sure you're right, but it's nearly fifteen years ago!!
> Were you involved in those duo sessions early Sunday morning? I was there this year (first time since '89) and had to do one with a trumpet player from Prague. He played quite well, but it was hard to tunes we had in common. 
> Butch 

yes, I was also involved in those hilarious duo sessions. I was hoping to get Cynthia Sayer as my partner (of course!) but they paired me with the (excellent) tubist from Orpheon Celesta. 
Soprano sax and tuba! We couldn't even agree about chosing the two tunes to be played, finally we decided a slow Bflat blues and a fast Jada; all was going well till we started Jada in two different keys. Courtain.

Actually, I had a ball, it gassed me, as Pops used to say. 

Hey, Butch, hope to play together again! Maybe in New orleans next year! In the same keys!


Tito Martino
Sao Paulo Brazil

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