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tmartino tmartino at terra.com.br
Wed Sep 3 02:53:37 PDT 2003

Dingo directed us to this text:

Without his schizophrenia, Charles "Buddy" Bolden - the man credited by some with starting off the jazz movement - might never have started improvisation, psychiatrists have heard. 
And without this style change, music might never have evolved from ragtime into the jazz movement we know today. 
Professor Dr Sean Spence, of the department of psychiatry at the University of Sheffield, was speaking to representatives at the Royal College of Psychiatrists' annual conference. 
He said jazz music arose from the attempts of a cognitively impaired performer to execute novel performances. 
This is an excerpt from the text, classified as " a load of old cobblers and typical of the useless gibberish often spoken by so called experts" by our kind and educated listmate Jazz Jerry.
I am tempted to use more crude language to describe this outrageous demonstration of ignorance and conceit.  How can a so called Professor Doctor hypothesize about a person he did't knew? How can he postulate that the only person improvising  at Bolden's Band was Buddy? Were they all "impaired"?! Ao contraire, one must use superior PSYCHOLOGICAL functions to improvise, and Psychology is not even recognized by most Psychatrists. On the other side, many consider Psychiatry a kind of pseudo-science specialized in "treating" patients with torture, drugs and electroshock (sp?).  Enough.
Dingo please stop laughing   ;-) 

Tito Martino

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