[Dixielandjazz] copy of Freddies tapes.

robert craven bcraven24 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 22 13:17:37 PST 2003

Don, my computer has been on the blink. I installed Norton's complete program and in doing it, I screwed up my "Dell".
Walt Smith's (or "Waldo", as I call him ) email is
waltsmithjazz at juno.com. His phone number is 970 285 9711 office is 970 250 7174. He owns and operates a Remax real estate office and has done quite well. He's still one hell of a piano player, working about 4 nights a week and with my group when we can afford him.
The Cd will be on the way now that I can "burn" a copy.

Bob Craven

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