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Sat Nov 22 13:24:04 PST 2003

Amen, Brian. My Jazz The Exchange concert programme takes place in a 
converted Wesleyan Chapel of 1856, all stone and wood - capacity 280 people. 
We ourselves use just one mic on the piano plus one for 
vocals/announcements, and that's plenty. We encourage visiting bands to do 
the same, and most do; some, however, inexplicably still want to use mics 
even on the drums. When audience members recently complained to one band in 
the interval, the response has been "we don't do quiet". Well, we won't be 
asking them back.......

Mike D.

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>I have nothing against amplification where appropriate: large halls; 
>venues, etc. My problem is with the smaller venue where musicians persist 
>setting up all their electrical and electronic paraphernalia (toys?) where 
>simply isn't necessary. I recently attended a jazz function in a medium 
>church. The band was Keith Samuel's Gateway Jazz Band. They used a single
>amplifier with one microphone which was switched OFF apart from 
>announcements. The
>result was a pleasant evening had by all (over 200) and even those at the 
>could hear. I would say that over-amplification is always unnecessary and
>defeats its own object.
>Brian Wood
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