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While I agree with you on 95% of what you say, I take exception to the
heritage of Louis Armstrong. By Satchmo's own statement, he owes much to the
influence of King Oliver. By listening to the early recordings of Oliver
with Satchmo playing second cornet, we can discern the Oliver stamp.

It's unfortunate that there were not many recordings made with Oliver in his
prime. The majority come at a time when Oliver's trumpet voice was going
downhill due mainly to dental problems (too many sugar sandwiches).

Perhaps Dick Broadie has some early tapes which he made with Oliver in New
Orleans around 1910-1915. If so, then I plead with him to share these with
the DJML.

Stan Brager
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> Thought this, from the Trumpet Players International Network, was
> interesting.
> Bill Biffle
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> > I was responding to a Trumpet Herald Forum post and thought i'd share it
> > here too:
> >
> > Pops, Roy, & Diz .... this is jazz trumpet defined. These 3 masters ARE
> > jazz trumpet essentially for everyone else comes out of them. Pops is
> > like a supernova....he shines brightest and seems to have evolved from
> > his own energies. Roy and Diz are the planets he created. Early Roy
> > sounds almost exactly like Pops (Louis Armstrong) and likewise early Diz
> > sounds amazingly like Roy Eldridge. (Kenny Dorham also told me his main
> > influence was Roy) This younger generation that only knows from Woody
> > Shaw, Freddy Hubbard and later guys is missing the whole story. INMNSHO
> > modern jazz trumpeting is defined by Dizzy and he has no equal, trumpet
> > wise, conceptually, rhythmically, every-which-way. in his prime Diz was
> > the Houdini of the horn. Roy defined swing and Pops started it all.
> > Anything either of these guys recorded is important however amongst my
> > favorites by Dizzy are the things with Bird (live from Birdland), his
> > first and second big bands, Diz with Strings, Gillespiana, Diz,Rollins,
> > and Stitt, and Diz and Getz.
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