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Thought this, from the Trumpet Players International Network, was

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> I was responding to a Trumpet Herald Forum post and thought i'd share it
> here too:
> Pops, Roy, & Diz .... this is jazz trumpet defined. These 3 masters ARE
> jazz trumpet essentially for everyone else comes out of them. Pops is
> like a supernova....he shines brightest and seems to have evolved from
> his own energies. Roy and Diz are the planets he created. Early Roy
> sounds almost exactly like Pops (Louis Armstrong) and likewise early Diz
> sounds amazingly like Roy Eldridge. (Kenny Dorham also told me his main
> influence was Roy) This younger generation that only knows from Woody
> Shaw, Freddy Hubbard and later guys is missing the whole story. INMNSHO
> modern jazz trumpeting is defined by Dizzy and he has no equal, trumpet
> wise, conceptually, rhythmically, every-which-way. in his prime Diz was
> the Houdini of the horn. Roy defined swing and Pops started it all.
> Anything either of these guys recorded is important however amongst my
> favorites by Dizzy are the things with Bird (live from Birdland), his
> first and second big bands, Diz with Strings, Gillespiana, Diz,Rollins,
> and Stitt, and Diz and Getz.
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