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> And that's jazz? Ye Gods .   .   .   .
> John Farrell
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> >Jim Beebe and Bill Gunter are right on about applause. Many times the
> >audience for one reason or another is not giving it up easily. If you
> >want it, milk the crowd.
> >
> >Clarinet players? Just hit you altissimo G or A (or C if you can) and
> >hold it for 4 bars, before a swooping downward arpeggio. Or hold your
> >high C and circular breathe through a full chorus.
> >
> >Or make the most excruciating faces you can. Or point you horn at a loud
> >bunch in the audience and play to them for a while.
> >
> >Or, failing all that, at the end of a solo, put the horn in your right
> >hand and hold both arms out like you are on a cross and nod
> >questioningly to the audience. (guaranteed applause)
> >
> >Or hold out the horn in both arms straight straight out as if you are
> >offering it up to the audience. (guaranteed applause). Or facing the
> >audience, grasp the horn by the bell and thrust it downward along your
> >left leg as if you were putting a sword in a scabbard after skewering an
> >opponent.
> >
> >Or have your bandmates smile, nod and start the clapping after a solo.
> >
> >Or, just don't care about applause and play your ass off whether or not
> >you get any. BUT, by all means when you get applause, ACKNOWLEDGE IT.
> >That is the best way to get more. (stage presence)
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Steve
> >
> >PS. Or if you are trading 4s when finished, hold you axe like a sword
> >and pretend to fence with the guy taking the next 4.

Yep John,

 That's Jazz, that sells and keeps musicians employed and making a living 
playing live music.   But It's better known as THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT, and 
communication with your audience who paid to see and hear you.

Those who forget that soon are forgotten by their former audience if indeed 
they ever had one.


Tom Wiggins

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