[Dixielandjazz] Nancy Giffin Redux

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Sat Nov 22 00:10:21 PST 2003

In a message dated 11/21/03 8:05:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
lennielsen at telus.net writes:

> Great post Nancy!!! Tom (Wiggins) should love your promotional ideas. 
> May even be envious of the competion. :) Probably jump start a long, 
> long reply from him. :)
> Good information and simply stated so even a computer rookie like me can 
> understand it.
> Len Nielsen
> Victoria BC

Hey Len where do you think she gets them ideas? she does my stuff, and we 
talk semi hourly .  No long reply needed, hers was long enough :)  she is getting 
my knack for wordiness I guess, not that she needed it she can be pretty 
wordy on her on.

She is a great lady and wonderful and very talented person who selfishly 
gives her time to help crazy musicians and jazz societies on a daily basis.  We 
should think of a an award to give her next year for her contributions to OKOM.

Better yet all of you send her $100.00 and I'll buy the ATTA GIRL TROPHY, 
fillit with single Malt and give it to her on her Birfday hic!.

I expect to have her redo my websites next week as soon as my new Mac 
computer gets here.  And yes Im gonna pay her too, there still ain't no free lunch.


Tom Wiggins

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