[Dixielandjazz] Apologies in advance....newby here requiringeducation

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You should be able to find someone near you to help you with Dixieland

A good place to start are the four string banjo websites.  I have included a
few including mine.  "The Resonator" has a list of instructors.

Also, there is a four string banjo email group at:


Four String Links





John Mumford

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> Hello all. 57 year old here who has decided to learn to play the banjo.
> in Belleville, Illinois, 25 miles SE of St. Louis, MO. To prepare for this
> adventure I visited my local music shop and bought the only banjo they had
> stock, a Dean 5 string BW-3. I finally found someone who knew a person who
> teaches banjo in town. A young lady names Chris Talley-Armstrong. I
> Chris who agreed to take me on as a new student (Hell, I'm twice her
age!). The
> problem is this. She teaches bluegrass music. I want to learn Dixieland.
When I
> told her this she replied with, "Hmmmm, not only do you have the wrong
> teacher, but you also have the wrong banjo." There apparently is no one
for miles
> around who teaches Dixieland banjo; perhaps someone in St. Louis, but no
> right now as to whom. I sure would appreciate comments from anyone who
> read this as to what I might do. Do I really have the wrong banjo for
> All the research I have done indicates a few different types of banjos,
> nothing really tells me which type is for what music. 5-string, tenor,
> plectrum.....duhhhhhhhhhh. Boy, do I feel like a real dork! And just how
does one
> find a Dixieland teacher? Again, I apologize for my ignorance. This is my
> posting on here. Please be gentle.......Rob
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