[Dixielandjazz] Apologies in advance....newby here requiring education

Skypilot98 at aol.com Skypilot98 at aol.com
Sat Nov 15 18:20:39 PST 2003

Hello all. 57 year old here who has decided to learn to play the banjo. I'm 
in Belleville, Illinois, 25 miles SE of St. Louis, MO. To prepare for this new 
adventure I visited my local music shop and bought the only banjo they had in 
stock, a Dean 5 string BW-3. I finally found someone who knew a person who 
teaches banjo in town. A young lady names Chris Talley-Armstrong. I contacted 
Chris who agreed to take me on as a new student (Hell, I'm twice her age!). The 
problem is this. She teaches bluegrass music. I want to learn Dixieland. When I 
told her this she replied with, "Hmmmm, not only do you have the wrong 
teacher, but you also have the wrong banjo." There apparently is no one for miles 
around who teaches Dixieland banjo; perhaps someone in St. Louis, but no leads 
right now as to whom. I sure would appreciate comments from anyone who might 
read this as to what I might do. Do I really have the wrong banjo for Dixieland? 
All the research I have done indicates a few different types of banjos, but, 
nothing really tells me which type is for what music. 5-string, tenor, 
plectrum.....duhhhhhhhhhh. Boy, do I feel like a real dork! And just how does one 
find a Dixieland teacher? Again, I apologize for my ignorance. This is my first 
posting on here. Please be gentle.......Rob

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