[Dixielandjazz] Name this Tune PLEASE

Charles Coleman charliew8fim at ncool.net
Mon Nov 17 22:54:25 PST 2003

Hello, listees;    I am having trouble finding the title of  tune I can't get out of my head.  It sounds like a Fats Waller composition, but it's not in my Waller collection.   So how does it go?  hummm humm - no that won't work.    If I remember how to write chords, the tune follows the chord structure and pretty well defines the melody:
    II    V7    /    I    IV    /    III7    vi    /    iv        /  (first 4 bars)
Also, the tune starts on the second scale step. 
    Also re: ODJB and the 5's (Napoleon, etc.) My personal favorite is  the Original Indiana Five   - they had a LOT to say.   Strangely not much recognition.
    Charlie (hum - de - humm hummmm????)    Coleman 

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