[Dixielandjazz] Jazz for kids

Bill Biffle bbiffle at swcp.com
Thu Nov 6 14:17:04 PST 2003

Thanks, Steve, for the help.  You and Tom have given me lots to think about
for the kids.

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> We're fleshing it out now Bill. A short description of each instrument,
> all the different sounds one can make with them, then how they communicate
> among each other and the audience in a jazz setting.
> Rubber Ducky is fine as is Barney Song (kindergarten) and anything else
> might have heard  Some Disney songs, etc. We are getting a list of songs
> the schools now that are familiar to the kids.
> What jazz is, very general, how a song can be jazzed up, (Twinkle Twinkle
> Little Star) why we like to play jazz etc.
> Interactive is important because of the shortness of their memory spans.
I'm a
> little nervous about the really young ones.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
> Bill Biffle wrote:
> > Steve, we have an elementary school assembly to play this month.  What
> > of program do you do at one of these?  Do you do interactive stuff with
> > kids ("Who knows what this instrument is called?, etc.")?
> >
> > I'm thinking of talking a little about OKOM and about how all of music
> > made up of rhythm, melody, and harmony (with short demos of each).  Also
> > thought we'd play Rubber Ducky from Sesame St. for them.
> >
> > Help is always appreciated.

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