[Dixielandjazz] Stefan Wolpe / Was Clarinet Lovers delight

Tom Duncan tduncan at bellatlantic.net
Tue May 27 10:52:38 PDT 2003

Charlie Hooks writes in response to a snippet from Steve Barbone's posting
re Stefan Wolpe:

>>Query: is this possibly (I doubt it) the same Stefan Wolpe as the
contemporary classical composer, Stefan Wolpe, who taught at Black Mountain
in the early fifties (along with Einstein and Oswald Spengler)?  I have
several MMS by the classical Wolpe that belonged to my late wife, one of his
students in composition at Black Mountain.<<

Yes, Charlie. It is the composer. My source for the info on the clarinet
performances is a composer active in the Stefan Wolpe Society.


Tom Duncan

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