[Dixielandjazz] Anachronic Jazz Band

Jean Labaye Jean.Labaye at pfizer.com
Tue May 27 02:09:28 PDT 2003

hello from FRANCE

saw your message about anachronic jazz band

This orchestra no longer exist and most of the musicians are still playing
belong to the outstanding jazz musicians in France

Patrick ARTERO play with Claude TISSENDIER TENTET  they cut a beautiful
album "HAMPTON VIBRATIONS" for jazz lebel
I listened him recently playing in the claude BOLLING orchestra

Marc RICHARD lead his big band "the paris swing orchestra" and just released
an very good album "live at meridien"
for black and blue"
He lead a quartet too called "the new orleans four" with nicolas
MONTIER(barytone sax),nicolas PESLIER(banjo)
and stan LAFERRIERE(drums)

Daniel BARDA is still playing with PARIS WASHBOARD group

andre VILLEGER  is playing with Claude BOLLING orchestra on Barytone sax

Daniel HUCK is freelanced and live now in the south of france

Irakli leads "the louis armstrong ambassadors" and cut 2 cd with this
orchestra and have cut a cd
with the TUXEDO BIG BAND as a solist.

dominique VERNHES is playing in free lance with pierre DIEUZEY and claude

i am in charge of the HOT CLUB OF FRANCE site  go to


Have a nice day  and keep swinging
member of hot club of PARIS

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