[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jubilee

Bob Romans cellblk7 at attbi.com
Tue May 27 11:56:05 PDT 2003

WHEW!! It's over so soon, and what a great time! Fantastic volunteers and
organizing by the crew!! Thanks to you all!!
By-the-way!! (Ringwald!)....Tito Martino also sat in with Cell Block 7 at
the Pizza Tent venue in the Cal Expo grounds Saturday night, and was really
fun! Because of traffic problems, he missed our gig at the Embassy Suites
Sunday morning. He plays the living #*%*( ) %&**$%& bejesus out of the
clarinet and sop. sax!!! A dynamo if there ever was one!!
Sold a whole bunch of CD's, had too many Bloody Mary's and Red Hook Ale's,
made a lot of new friends, got a chance for another gig in England for our
October trip...life is good!
Now, about Bill Gunter...never mind! :~)
Bob Romans
Cell Block 7
Jazz Band
1617 Lakeshore Dr.,
Lodi, California, 95242
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