[Dixielandjazz] Jack Teagarden and Joe Showler

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Sun May 4 12:38:16 PDT 2003

You read me wrong - Joe Showler has been WORKING on Teagarden for forty
years - that means collecting his photos, all his recordings, all his film
clips, researching his work, travelling to interview relatives and others
that knew
him, and those that played with him etc.
He has made an exhaustive study of his subject - if you could see the inside
of his home - like a shrine to Teagarden, you would understand what I mean.
He has recently started the book - he obviously did not start the book forty
years ago, how could he? He knew little of his subject at that time.
He has all the necessary knowledge now, the tough part will be putting it
down and what to leave out.
Do I make myself clearer now?  Sorry to confuse you!
Brian Towers

Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Jack Teagarden and Joe Showler

> Joe Showler is a friend of mine and I was talking to him today.   You will
> be interested to learn that he has undertaken to write a book about Jack
> Teagarden.  There will be 27 chapters and he is up to #4 at present and
> is just 15 years old in chapter 4!   He says he has been working on
> Teagarden for 40 years and Joe himself is now 60 years of age - he reckons
> if he does not do it now, it will never be done.  He believes it will take
> him a year to finish.  I know he will do a great job.

Another book on Big T? I can't wait to read it! One year? It took Mr.
Showles 40 years only to get to chapter #4! I'm afraid I will not live to
see it :-)

In the meantime I'll  reread the book "MEET ME WHERE THEY PLAY THE BLUES" by
Heiner Mückenberger, published in 1986 by OREOS Verlag, Gauting-Buchendorf,

Dick Sleeman, Lelystad Holland.

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