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> Joe Showler is a friend of mine and I was talking to him today.   You will
> be interested to learn that he has undertaken to write a book about Jack
> Teagarden.  There will be 27 chapters and he is up to #4 at present and Jack
> is just 15 years old in chapter 4!   He says he has been working on
> Teagarden for 40 years and Joe himself is now 60 years of age - he reckons
> if he does not do it now, it will never be done.  He believes it will take
> him a year to finish.  I know he will do a great job.

Another book on Big T? I can't wait to read it! One year? It took Mr. Showles 40 years only to get to chapter #4! I'm afraid I will not live to see it :-)

In the meantime I'll  reread the book "MEET ME WHERE THEY PLAY THE BLUES" by Heiner Mückenberger, published in 1986 by OREOS Verlag, Gauting-Buchendorf, Germany.

Dick Sleeman, Lelystad Holland.

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