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Hi Bill,
Joe Showler is a friend of mine and I was talking to him today.   You will
be interested to learn that he has undertaken to write a book about Jack
Teagarden.  There will be 27 chapters and he is up to #4 at present and Jack
is just 15 years old in chapter 4!   He says he has been working on
Teagarden for 40 years and Joe himself is now 60 years of age - he reckons
if he does not do it now, it will never be done.  He believes it will take
him a year to finish.  I know he will do a great job.

Brian Towers

P.S. My computer has blown up and so I am using my wife's at present.  I
finally managed to get back on the DJML too!  I can be reached at this
address -   janetshaw at sympatico.ca

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> Dear Bob,
> Vernon (a private CD company) is carrying on the fine work of reissuing
> Teagarden records, started in the 1980s by producer Joe Showler.
> Mr Showler, a respected Teagarden collector/authority, appears to be
> driving force and was (is) involved with Teagarden Records (LP and CDs).
He is
> based in Toronto, Canada.
> His expert contributions can also be found (among others) on the excellent
> Oracle 'Ben Pollack' CD series and his help with the Mosaic Teagarden
> 50s' set.
> Check out Vernon and Teagarden Records CDs at:
>   worldsrecords.com
> There are 6 'Vernon' CDs and 1 video currently listed. I have several.
> There are 2 'Teagarden Records' CDs listed. I have both.
> Lots of rare stuff
> Check out Mr Showler by pulling up Google and typing in: Joe Showler,
> As I said in my last post, I have no connection with Vernon.
> Or indeed, Mr Showler.
> I am simply a great admirer of his excellent and scholarly work.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
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