[Dixielandjazz] ATJS Concert May 4th, Tribute to Tommy Loy

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> Folks--
>    I almost forgot about this myself, so perhaps ATJS will not be 
> offended if i copy the announcement of tomorrow's concert from their 
> webpage at http://www.atjs.org/heads/25.htm
> "May 4th Concert:
> A Tribute to Tommy Loy
> by Malcolm Rodman
> The Society's May 4th concert at Donn's Depot will be an all-star 
> event, with the band fronted by two outstanding musicians: Reedman 
> Bob Krenkel, from Plano, TX, who alternates on clarinet, soprano sax 
> and the rarely heard bass sax and Cornetist Chet Jaeger, founder and 
> leader of Southern California's Night Blooming Jazzmen. Other 
> all-star bandsmen will be Max Lyon, trombone; Bob Alexius, string 
> bass; Morris Nelms, piano, and Budge Mabry, drums.
> The concert will be dedicated to the late Tommy Loy, who had been 
> scheduled to return to play this concert when he died tragically of 
> cancer last year. Trumpeter Tommy Loy traveled to Austin yearly since 
> 2000 to play for ATJS audiences. He will be remembered for his 
> energetic playing and singing as well as his wry wit.
> Our concert will be a joyous celebration of his life by musicians who 
> played with him and audiences who admired his style."
>    Dan

    I regret that I can not be there for this tribute to Tommy Loy.  Tommy 
had become a great friend and came to Chicago in 2001 for a tribute to myself 
put on by the Illiana Jazz Club.  I wish that I could return this honor.  Bob 
Krenkel came as well and I would like to thank him again.   Dedicate one to 
Tommy for me.

Jim Beebe

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