[Dixielandjazz] Re: The Big Day Is Here!!

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Sat May 3 21:11:09 PDT 2003

Dear Dave,
I like tuba.
However, on checking your list of about 80 items I find I have only 6 of them!
Perhaps that says something about my OKOM affiliation.
Here is part of the  list I sent to Tito Martino in Oct 2000.
(Later, I found others I had forgotten.)

Dear Tito,
The Original Memphis 5 and Hottentots records I mentioned were recorded
in 1925 and 1926. They therefore qualify as pre 1929.
Jabbo Smith's "Weird and Blues" (17 April 1929) with a Hayes Alvis tuba
solo therefore just misses out.
So does Nat Shilkret & His Orch. "Hitting The Ceiling" (19 April 1929)
with Joe Tarto. 
But the following make it:
Joe Venuti & His New Yorkers "I Must Have That Man" (Joe Tarto)
Vincent Lopez & His Orch. "Song Of The Wanderer" 3 Jan 1927 (Joe Tarto)
I am now looking at Cyrus St Clair on Clarence Williams records.
So far I have found solo bits on the following CW records:
"Candy Lips" 25 Jan 1927 14 bars
"Black Snake Blues" 14 April 1927 12 bars + 12 bars
"Old Folks Shuffle" 
"Shooting The Pistol" July 1927 8 bars
"You'll Long For Me" 18 Aug 1927 16 bars 
"Close Fit Blues" (12 Jan 1927) 8 bars
"Log Cabin Blues" 18 April 1928 12 bars of blues chords
"Red River Blues" 29 May 1928 intro + 12 bars
"Squeeze Me" Aug 1928 8 bars  

Kind regards,

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