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> Dear Jim,
> It took me ages to find that LP! Playing it now for old times sake.
> My copy  is the original Stepheny MF 4002 - 'Danny Alvin And His Kings Of
> Dixieland Play Basin Street.
> I assume yours is Esquire 32-193 or Jazzology J-8.
> The personnel, from the back cover is:
> Danny Alvin, d; Ray Daniels. cl; Del Lincoln, c; Floyd O'Brien, tb (now 
> there's
> a great horn man!); John Johnson, sb; Andy Johnson, p; Earl Murphy, bj.
> Several were mentioned in earlier DJML posts by Jim B and Charlie H. 
> No date on the LP but I have 17/21 Feb 1959.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.

   That would be Joe Johnson on string bass and not 'John' Johnson.  Charlie 
Hooks wrote about Joe Johnson recently but neglected to mention that Joe was 
not only a great piainist, he also played bass for some years.  Andy Johnson 
( not relation) was also a fine pianist and active on the Chicago scene for 
many years.

  I remember this band well as I used to go hear them often at Danny Alvin's 
club, 'Basin Street.'   Floyd O'Brien was one of my early idols on trombone.  
Floyd played wonderful ensemble trombone and could play a very deep blues.  
Danny Alvin was a Chicago treasure and a classic great Dixieland jazz 
drummer.  Danny positioned himself right up front in the band and sat on a 
motorcyle seat.  Del Lincoln was a fine cornetist.

  Jim Beebe

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