[Dixielandjazz] Non Jazz Posts

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald at calweb.com
Tue Mar 25 18:22:01 PST 2003

Once again I have to slap the hands of grown adults who cannot control
themselves & act like spoiled, brats.

Over & over again I ask, nicely, both privately & publicly, for you not to
post political (or any other non-Jazz specific) messages on DJML & over &
over you continue to post such messages.  If I were you, and you know who
you are, and everybody else knows who you are, I'd be embarrassed to
continue to post off-topic messages when you have been asked not to do so.

I don't have time to moderate the list but I can moderate individuals
postings & will do so if anything such as this happens again.  I do not want
to do such a thing but, for the good of the List, will do so.  It has come
to that.  My patients have all but run out.

We have over 300 members who subscribe to talk about & learn about Dixieland
Jazz and a very few of you abuse the fact that this is not a moderated list
& continue to post off-topic messages.

For the last time, knock it off or you will be put on a moderated status
until you can learn to act like responsible adults.

veryangry at ringwald.com

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