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Mon Mar 24 01:01:22 PST 2003

So, I guess that we don't get to know where Steve got his.

> Actually, the CD I possess and Al Levy's are very different. I posted
> what the CD in my possession has, but here it is again:
> The Bill Evans Fake Book
> The Jazz Fake Book
> Real Book Vol 1
> Real Book Vol 2
> Real Book Vol 3
> Library of Musicians Jazz
> Colorado Cookbook
> Jazz Ltd.
> New Real Book Vol I
> New Real Book Vol II
> New Real Book Vol III
> The Book - Commercial
> Some scores are hand written. Some are Repros of actual sheet music,
> some are simple lead lines and chords. All seem to be quite legible
> and readily printable. You need Acrobat Reader 4.0 to read and print
> them and this software can be downloaded free according to the CD
> menu.
> Like I say, I don't know where you can get them, but they are a
> wonderful resource if you are doing a broad variety of musical work.
> Altogether about 6000 songs with some duplication between books.
> By the same token, since Al may have a similar CD readily available,
> it would certainly be advantageous to buy one from him.

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