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Hello Anton and listmates,

I would cast my vote for West Side Story (excellent film and music).  Though
not in quite the same category as West Side Story, I think the film version
of Guys and Dolls is a lot of fun also.  I'm looking forward to seeing
Chicago (I feel lost without an opinion!).  It just hit the discount theatre
down the street so I'll be seeing it some time next week

All the best,
Rob McCallum

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> Hello Elazar
> My comment "a triumph of presentation over content" referred only to the
> performance of the music. I loved the movie and think it is a very fine
> piece of work.
> The point that I am raising is that it is possible for a movie "musical"
> succeed, not only in spite of a poor musical score, but because of it. We
> clearly agree about the movie-making - the constant cutting between stage
> and the ouside world for example - magnificent! My hypothesis is that the
> director, Rob Marshall, is aware of the mediocrity of the music score and
> used the opportunity of the filmed version to give us a cinematic tour de
> force.
> Very occasionally great music and great movie-making come together. Who'll
> second my nomination of "Singin' in the rain" ?
> Fit as a fiddle
> Anton
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