[Dixielandjazz] More on Chicago (the movie)

Anton Crouch a.crouch at unsw.edu.au
Fri Mar 21 13:59:17 PST 2003

Hello Elazar

My comment "a triumph of presentation over content" referred only to the
performance of the music. I loved the movie and think it is a very fine
piece of work.

The point that I am raising is that it is possible for a movie "musical" to
succeed, not only in spite of a poor musical score, but because of it. We
clearly agree about the movie-making - the constant cutting between stage
and the ouside world for example - magnificent! My hypothesis is that the
director, Rob Marshall, is aware of the mediocrity of the music score and
used the opportunity of the filmed version to give us a cinematic tour de

Very occasionally great music and great movie-making come together. Who'll
second my nomination of "Singin' in the rain" ?

Fit as a fiddle

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