[Dixielandjazz] Chicago

Anton Crouch a.crouch at unsw.edu.au
Thu Mar 20 12:22:26 PST 2003

Hello Bob

Yes, dull, dull dull.  :-)

We definitely SAW the same movie and were equally impressed - it's what we
heard that is problematic.

What is not dull?

Lehar's music in Lubitsch's "Merry Widow"

Hearing Heifetz, Pinza, Stokowski and Walter in Ulmer's "Carnegie Hall"

Hamlisch's use of Joplin's music in Hill's "The Sting"

Ellington's music in Coppola's "Cotton Club"

Talking of "Cotton Club", can anyone confirm that Richard Gere's cornet
playing was real. The editors helped him to dance in "Chicago", but playing
Ellington is all or nothing.

All the best

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