[Dixielandjazz] Ringwald Unmasked!!!

Bill Horton horton4jaz at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 20 17:56:05 PST 2003

For those of you who would like to see what DJML Gruppenfuhrer and General
Nag Bob Ringwald looks like (I can't imagine why!), here are the detailed

Go to PismoJazz.com (Tip: DON'T put www. in front) and on the "Cheap BSR
50-cent tour" page, click on the far left icon in the second row.  Then
click on "1998" in the choice of pictures, and Voila!, you'll see 3 (III,
tres, drei) pictures of the famous one.  Of course, he's much older now, but
ain't we all.

Bob claims to be movie star Molly Ringwald's poppa.  Take a look at these
pictures, then look at a picture of Molly and you decide.  By the way, Molly
sang for the Pismo Beach Basin Street Regulars when she was about three!

Warning:  If you go to PismoJazz.com, have about an hour free, because you
will not be able to click it off, it is so much fun.  Lotsa free OKOM, too.

Bill Horton

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