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Dear Listmates--

Al (Jazzbo) Collins was a dear friend of mine when he was working at KLAC in
Los Angeles in the late 60's. He started out at KSL in Salt Lake City and
then moved to KSFO in San Francisco where I used to catch him when I lived
in Sacramento. Then I moved to LA and became an advertising executive and I
got to meet him and we became friends. I still have a few candid pictures of
the two of us and I still have a little card-type, peel-and-stick "badge"
which he gave away to listeners.

It is orange, of course, which was Al's favorite color, viz. his worship of
the "Mujuberus Orange Seed, " which, to Al, was the font of all creation.
(Also, his lone bit of atire was an orange -checked jumpsuit.) In the middle
of the circle is a cartoon of a Mexican Bandito and around the edge is the
saying (in Spanish, of course,) "We don't gotta show you no stinking
badges." And, as some of you may remember, every hour you would get a
sound-bite of Alfonso Bedoya saying the famous line (made famous by Al) from
"Treasure of the Sierra Madre." No wonder Mel Brooks took up the line for
satire in "Blazing Saddles."

As an afterthought, before Al developed his "Purple Grotto" jazz show
(presumably before he discovered Orange) when he was on KSL in Salt Lake
City, he locked himself into the control room one day and played Art
Mooney's "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover" for 24-hours.  Of course, he
got national publicity and it was a great gimmick, soon to be copied forever
all over the US. As many of you know, Al was a very large man for his size
and he even played that up at KSL by driving a little Crosley "Hot Shot"
(remember those?)

There is a thing DJ's use called "back-timing" where you begin a record at a
certain time so it will end at a certain time. When he was on KSFO from 9 to
noon, Al closed every show with a back-timed version of Basie's "Blues in
Hoss Flat." Everyone waited for the muted trumet coda at the end which
always finished just before the noon "beep" of the station time sound. Never
missed. Al Collins was pure joy.

Burt Wilson
Silver Dollar Jazz Band

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>> To paraphrase that great line about badges in a Western Movie some years
>> ago. (Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!)
>Actually, it wasn't a Western Movie, it was more of a Mexican:  "The
>of Sierra Madre", by John Ford with Humphrey Bogart,  The line was said
>Alfonso Bedoya, and it was roughly "Bodges?  We don' need no stinkin'
>we are the Federales!"  The late Jazzbo Al Collins used it as a mantra on
>radio shows later.
>Best regards, Ben Fowlkes, Curator of a Mountain of Movie Trivia

Actually, the exact quote Steve cited is from Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles,"
from sometime in the 70s, I think. In the scene in which the line occurred,
Harvey Korman and Slim Pickins were overseeing the recruiting of all sorts
of desperadoes to be used as bogus deputies to attack and pillage the town
where the new black Marshal (Cleavon Little) was holding forth. There were
Nazis, bikers, Klansmen, etc. in the recruiting line. When it came to the
stereotypical banditos, who were offered deputy badges, the line resulted.
Knowing Brooks movies, I suspect it was an allusion to Ford's movie: he
liked to do that sort of thing.
* Dick

Actually actually, I saw the movie "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" recently
and realized everybody, me included, has had the quote wrong.  It's more
like, "Botches? Botches!? We don't have to show you no stinkin' botches!"
Possibly the other way is the way Mel Brooks rendered it, making the
"Blazing Saddles" version the "correct" quote in place of the original
"Sierra Madre" version.

Maurie Walker

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