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Jim:  You mentioned that the Kids Concert "is usually done free of charge,
we don't do that, this was supported by City Hall, and we got what we
normally would get for a full blown concert."  Might I be so bold to ask if
the going price for a full blown concert is comparable to "Union Scale" in
ths US.  I have often wondered about the price for different size groups
(2-3-or 4 hours) in various parts of the world.  My Trio (Clar. - Guitar -
Bass) plays 3-4 hour "gig" for a minimum of 450.   If my question is
out-of-line, then "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone".  Regards,

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> Just got back from doing a concert at an elementary school outside of
> Madrid.  Lot's of fun, but, of course had to control matters a bit so
> the kids didn't leap up and start wiggling down the aisles.  They all
> loved the concert (almost an hour).  I gave them a little talk after the
> first song about the role of each instrument in the band, and each guy
> tooted one chorus as an example.  The rest was playing.
> Although it has been expressed on DJML that this sort of thing is often
> done free of charge, we don't do that.  This was supported by City Hall,
> and we got what we would normally get for a full-blown concert.
> Real fun playing to a crowd that was eager to the point of near panic!
> I daresay a modern jazz group would have trouble connecting with 300
> tiny kids squeezed into a gym, but OKOM is great for that.  It's the
> swing that does it.  I got the kids to clap when the drummer did his
> demo....on 2 & 4.  However, most of 'em went back to their usual 1 & 3
> thing during the concert.  That's only normal as Spanish folk music is
> on those beats (except for the 3/4 stuff, of course).  There was on Down
> syndrome child, though, that clapped always...and perfectly...on 2 & 4!
> I've got the first weekend free now in months.  My wife (who says "you
> work every weekend!) is in London!  Figure it.............
> Jim   :>
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