[Dixielandjazz] trio

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Fri Feb 28 21:26:42 PST 2003

I was just in London overnite for my daughter's graduation ceremony
(Master's Degree!), and we ate at a fancy joint near the Waldorf Hotel
(The Axis)....mainly 'cause they had Jazz.  Turned out it was a
trio...girl vocalist, string bass & electric guitar.  Nice, tasty, but
too much in the background.  We were at the closest table, and I could
just barely hear what the girl was singing.

We do a fancy weekly gig on Thursdays, and although it needs to be
"discreet" Dixie, we still put on a proper show, and even get
non-discreet sometimes.  I felt the trio we heard could have "come out"
a bit stronger, but then maybe they would have gotten the can...who
knows?  My family was the only table that applauded, period, the whole
evening.  Why do fancy people think they have to be rude?

I got back for my Thurs gig arriving after the first set (which was
planned) mainly 'cause the cab driver drove at 160 k an hour while
talking to a buddy on his ham radio.  I felt my plane trip was safer
than the taxi ride!    :>  After a very long day, not much sleep the two
nites before, you'd think blowing would be the last thing I wanted to
do.  Wrong!  It was an absolutely great way to unwind.  Thoroughly
enjoyed the set.


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