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Over the years, Mister Rogers introduced children to a wide variety of
singers and musicians, including Tony Bennett, the Empire Brass Quintet,
clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, Zydeco musician Queen Ida, jazz saxophonist
Eric Kloss, and many others.

 Not to mention the Dreadful Great, Wynton Marsalis, who did a nice turn on
Mr. Rogers show.   

 I join Nancy in saluting a great man, Fred Rogers, who helped raise my
kids.  I used to watch him just to calm down myself...and he often had an
outstanding musician on.

 Jim Beebe 

Like to add: when I first joined the Celebration Road show in the spring of
1973 we were doing school shows every day (K through college) and we made it
at rule to watch Mr. Rogers every day to steal stuff we could use in our
shows.  We watched The Muppets, too, and of course I enjoyed them; but the
real surprise was Fred Rogers: I became addicted to him.  An ordained
minister who understood ministry to kids: unique.


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