[Dixielandjazz] Re: Why France does not back the US in War withIraq

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Thu Feb 27 16:52:45 PST 2003

That "usual American Tactic" saved the Brit's rear end  at one time. Not to
mention the French.
Now we can get back to music.
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> In a message dated 27/2/03 6:00:49 PM, JimDBB at aol.com writes:
> << > Put your money where your mouth is. Stop buying French, German and
> > Russian products. Do not vacation there. Write your congressmen to stop
> > loaning money to them etc., etc. Soon their greed will prevail and they
> > will have to support our position. Let's end the free ride we have
> > provided them since the end of WW2.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Steve Barbone >>
> I did not see Steve's original message but I though he had more sense than
> posting this sort of crap on the DJML. Not everyone on the DJML thinks
> the official American policy is correct!
> If George W. Bush is prat enough to take the Americans to war and thereby
> increase greatly the risk to every American citizen throughout the world
> through Extremist Islamic terrorist attacks then that is his problem and
> will have to take the consequences of an escalated number of events on a
> scale of what happened on September 11th. Unfortunately the slimeball we
> as Prime Minister has his nose so far up GWB's backside that he is going
> drag us Brits into this sad escapade. I thought I would never say this but
> the French, Germans and Russians are talking some sense for a change and
> hopefully the other 'uncommitted' nations won't give in to the usual
> tactics of bribery and threats.
> Now lets get back to music!
> Jerry,
> Norwich,
> U.K.
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