[Dixielandjazz] Bands in the 50s

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Tue Feb 25 19:04:54 PST 2003

I've been noticing that more & more people are mentioning more local
bands from the 50's.  So, I would like to add my first band...the South
Frisco Jazz Band in Huntington Beach, California.  Vince Saunders and I
were original members (I was still in High School!), and the band later
went on to complete, I believe, some 40 years of history.  

In the late 50's, the original band was at the Rouge Et Noir Coffee
House in Seal Beach 4 nites a week for a long period, with yours truly
on trombone.  All other coffee houses had poets & string bass, etc., but
this one had a fun, young Dixieland band!  Jam packed.  No booze.  We
had a lot of fun.

Later, after I left, Vince went on a heavy dose of Turk/Watters style,
and got people from around the country to join in with the band for
festivals.  I believe they had a long stint at one of those Shakey's
places in the 60's.  Never ever been in one!  

Actually, as a note to this subject, I should mention that there is a
lot that an American living out of the country for 36 yrs will not have
done...things that seem natural to you guys over there.  For instance,
recently while visiting my home town, Long Beach, California, I asked
the very excited bar-tender (who had just served me a glass of expensive
home brew of some sort, and a very bad glass of red wine to my wife) how
many innings were in the game he was watching on the tv (World Series, I
believe it was).  This question, coming out of the mouth of someone that
"sounds" like an American kind of blew him over.  I actually couldn't

I suppose in the right era I might have been arrested for un-American
activities by asking that question!     :>


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