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Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 25 07:52:23 PST 2003

     Regarding the influence of Latin music on jazz, last year some
mention somewhere (here?) prompted me to order a CD called "The Cuban
Danzon--Before There Was Jazz: 1906-1929" from Arhoolie Publishing.
The website is:
Here's part of the description:

"The First Historic Recordings of Afro-American Dance Music
A fascinating look at the early Cuban danzón, the first African
American musical style to be recorded in depth. It evolved in the
1870s from the contradanza, becoming a distinctive creole blend of
African rhythms with melodic elements drawn from the European country
dance, or contredanse. Selection #1 is transferred from a rare 2 min.
wax cylinder. The others are from historic 78rpm discs. Enclosed is a
twelve page booklet with notes about the history of the Cuban danzón,
the musicians, and the selections. "

There's also a link "Read the informative essay by New Orleans music
researcher Jack Stewart." taking you to

It's quite an interesting CD and a very detailed and researched
essay, but i can't attest to its accuracy.

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