[Dixielandjazz] appalling language usage

Walker, Maurice maurice.walker at gwl.com
Thu Feb 13 13:25:37 PST 2003

> > To present or disclose unexpectedly or suddenly: "He
> > sprung on the world this novel approach to political journalism" (Curtis
> > Wilkie).

>   Shucks, even I would agree that "he sprung on the  world"  is ghastly.
    Gad, no civilized person would ever consider this appalling usage.

     JIm Beebe

Here's another example of appalling language usage, upon returning from a
visit down the hall:
"Hey! Somebody swang with my beer!"

Of course, this would usage would be less frequent, and less appalling, if
people could learn to keep their crummy hands off other people's beer.

Maurie Walker

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