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> > To present or disclose unexpectedly or suddenly: "He
> > sprung on the world this novel approach to political journalism" (Curtis
> > Wilkie).
> Bill, this usage is sick.  Surely you know better than that.  Dictionaries
> list usage, not propriety.  You can doubtless find listings of "ain't" as
> quite proper usage, since many people "use" the word.
> You (and Curtis Wilkie) want to misuse the simple past tense of the verb--
> go ahead!  Have fun!  But I will know that the usage signals ignorance, not
> superior knowledge.  Sometimes willful ignorance.
> screw dictionaries and their makers,
> Charlie

   Shucks, even I would agree that "he sprung on the  world"  is ghastly.
    Gad, no civilized person would ever consider this appalling usage.

     JIm Beebe

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