Re(2): [Dixielandjazz] language usage - "sprung"

Dick Miller Dick_Miller at
Thu Feb 13 13:56:01 PST 2003

patcooke at writes:
> Jingle the bell.
>I jangled the bell.
>The bell has been jungled.
>I bungle things.
>I bangled things.
>Things have been bingled?
>Think about it.
>I thank about it.
>It has been thunk about.
>Does that tingle?
>It used to tangle.
>It has been tungled.
>She thrills me
>She thrall me
>I have been thrulled.

This assumes that English usage and grammar rules are regular when, in
fact, they're about as regular as the target audience for Metamucil
(Metamucaled, have Metamuculed). ;-)

--Dick Miller

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