[Dixielandjazz] Introduction to Dixieland Music

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Jim Said in reply to new member David,
>Second, for beginners listening, and even for old >timers....any Dukes
>Dixieland (early) recordings are great.  Same with >Firehouse Five Plus
Oh dear Jim, with all the great music around in traditional jazz
how can you seriously lead a newcomer to listen to the Dukes (competant
though they may be) or the circus music of the Fire House Five. Then
that, Louis Armstrong.

John, for a very good reason.  The Dukes & FH5 are, let's say, easy
listening, and easy to figure out.  If you want to play along, in fact,
either of these bands have a predominant bass line that will give your
ears a quick reference to chord changes.  Then, after that introduction,
on.... to Louis & more complicated stuff.  I was just trying to be
brief.  Besides, I like the Dukes & the FH5!   I grew up with them,
heard them live, and both bands have a special place in my memories.


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