[Dixielandjazz] Introduction to Dixieland Music

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I heartily agree with John


Norrie Thomson
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> Jim Said in reply to new member David,
> >Second, for beginners listening, and even for old >timers....any Dukes of
> >Dixieland (early) recordings are great.  Same with >Firehouse Five Plus
> Oh dear Jim, with all the great music around in traditional jazz history,
> how can you seriously lead a newcomer to listen to the Dukes (competant
> though they may be) or the circus music of the Fire House Five. Then after
> that, Louis Armstrong.
> Louis should have come first, peferably the 1920s Hot Fives & Sevens, then
> King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beidrerbecke, Original Dixieland Jazz
> Band, Eddie Condon, Wild Bill Davison Comnodores, Sidney Bechet's New
> Orleans Feetwarmers (1932 sessions and beyond) the Bechet & Bill Blue
> Notes - all real jazz of the highest calibre.
> Your suggestion to David could be compared to me in the UK recommending
> Chris Barber, Kenny Ball or Acker Bilk recordings as a starting point.
> is what happened to a lot of players over here and in Europe who missed
> getting the real jazz from the masters, settling for a third hand version.
> My advice to David and any other new comer to the music is go back to the
> roots and the roots were in the recordings of the 20s, 30s and 40s. Most
> what came after does not come close. There are many fine musicians both in
> the States and other places playing very good jazz today, but the
> have gone. There recordings remain however to be enjoyed, studied and
> absorbed.
> Welcome to traditional jazz David, listen and enjoy.
> John Petters
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> >Hi - new member here. What's a good CD intro to Dixieland music?
> Welcome, David.  I was waiting for some other members to pop up first,
> but there seems to be a slight distraction from our main theme
> (Dixieland Jazz) at the moment, and people are responding to other
> matters.  Sorry.  Hope you stick around for awhile.  There are some good
> people here, and some interesting subjects.
> First off, before you ask, if you see OKOM  mentioned on DJML, it means
> Our Kind Of Music.  Keeps people from arguing over what title to use
> where!
> 2.  And, for more in depth, of course, anything from Louis Armstrong.
> I'm sure others will come up with longer, more serious lists, but that's
> a good starter course.  Really, anything you enjoy will be enjoyable!
> There are different styles from all over which make up OKOM.
> Jim
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