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Sat Feb 8 16:33:14 PST 2003

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From: "John Petters" <jpettjazz at btinternet.com>  to Jim in part said

> Your suggestion to David could be compared to me in the UK recommending
Chris Barber, Kenny Ball or Acker Bilk recordings as a starting point. This
is what happened to a lot of players over here and in Europe who missed out
Louis should have come first, peferably the 1920s Hot Fives & Sevens, then
King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beidrerbecke, Original Dixieland Jazz >

I couldn't agree more, what I am surprised by is that some good competent
musicians and especially clarinet players seem rarely to talk about the
likes of Omer Simeon, Johnny Dodds, and others of their generation, but Bilk
or Sunshine or Kenny Ball. And I am talking of 60/65 years old guys who I
would have thought would have gone back to the roots for their inspiration.
On another subject I was amazed that the wonderful Cleo Lane was not known
to many of our American friends, another example of the insularity of those
who live across the pond. I, of course, do not include Jim (Kash) in this.

Ivor Jones in sunny Portugal

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