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>Hi - new member here.  What's a good CD intro to Dixieland music?

Welcome, David.    I was waiting for some other members to pop up first,
but there seems to be a slight distraction from our main theme
(Dixieland Jazz) at the moment, and people are responding to other
matters.  Sorry.  Hope you stick around for awhile.  There are some good
people here, and some interesting subjects.

First off, before you ask, if you see OKOM  mentioned on DJML, it means
Our Kind Of Music.  Keeps people from arguing over what title to use

Second, for beginners listening, and even for old timers....any Dukes of
Dixieland (early) recordings are great.  Same with Firehouse Five Plus
2.  And, for more in depth, of course, anything from Louis Armstrong.
I'm sure others will come up with longer, more serious lists, but that's
a good starter course.  Really, anything you enjoy will be enjoyable!
There are different styles from all over which make up OKOM.


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