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> Hi Robert and everyone,
> Note: this response is NOT my personal opinion, only a quote from this
> month's Jazz Institute of Chicago's newsletter, and gives a polar opposite
> take in comparison with the very nice quote posted by Mr. Greenwood.
> Responding to an NEA finding that jazz musicians are underpaid and lacking
> benefits, bassist Joe Levinson responds:
> "The NEA's statement that 'respondents' considered talent the most 
> important
> quality needed for pursuing a career in jazz is mind-boggling.  My God! The
> reason people go into jazz as a career is because they have no focus to
> their lives, have low self-esteem, are basically lazy, and have no
> marketable skills."
> Ouch!  Again, not my opinion (though I'll admit to being lazy and
> unfocussed!)  Direct any hate mail to Mr. Levinson :-)
> All the best,
> Rob McCallum

   Joe Levinson is a top Chicago jazz bassist.  Joe also possesses a very 
keen  sense of humor.  Joe has poignant piece on the Jazz Institute of 
Chicago website titled, " My Audition for Satchmo."  This is a true account 
and beautifully written up.

   go to www.jazzinstituteofchicago.org     Scroll down to " My 

 I have some pieces on this website as well.

Jim Beebe
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