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Fri Feb 7 12:55:54 PST 2003

I have super strong affections for instrumentalists, especially clarinetists, 
and have favorites of the highest level of enjoyment on most every instrument 
(except washboard, kazoo, oboe and basson to name a few).

My whole life has been spent playing with and organizing larger ensembles of 
instrumentalists (6 to 18 pieces).

That said, I find nothing, no instrument that compares with the beauty and 
wonder of the human voice. It can convey more emotion, feelings and musical 
nuance than any other instrument I know.

An awesome musical performance from the likes of Ella can literally bring me 
to tears . . . in total awe of the beuaty and wonder of God's creation.

It is the first and most important instrumental gift from God.

And like many other things from God, everyone was given one, each totally 
unique . . . one of a kind. And like the God children, there are good ones 
and bad ones . . . but even the "bad" ones are beautiful in their own way.

Satchmo, to this day, is still my very favorite male vocalist.

About a year and a half ago, I brought to the attention of this board a young 
vocalist I had discovered, Chelsea Krombach. She is unlike anything I've ever 
heard. The best I know of walking the planet. I sang her praises here on the 
board and Ed Metz, Sr. wrote me agreeing with what I had said.

This girl could bring me to tears playing behind her, it was too awesome for 

At that time, she had been singing jazz less than a year and we recorded her 
first CD a few days before she graduated from high school at age 18.

In the session we did, it was an unrehearsed session, with a band that had 
never met each other, and almost everything she did was first take. No 
overdubs or fixes . . . recorded LIVE.

For those interested in hearing this awesome, angelic 18 year old, I have a 
few demo clips from the CD on my website you can listen to.


Sorry for rambling on, just that all the posts on the vocalists got my 
feelings going.

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