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   Joe Levinson is a top Chicago jazz bassist.  Joe also possesses a very
keen  sense of humor.  Joe has poignant piece on the Jazz Institute of
Chicago website titled, " My Audition for Satchmo."  This is a true account
and beautifully written up.

   Let me second that, and add that Levinson is one of my favorite people to
hang with.  When I first moved to Chicago many years ago, I was recently
divorced and so was Levinson; and our bachelor apartments were less than a
mile from each other.  We hung out a lot.

   He has a very quick moving mind and a great sense of humor.  He is one of
those people who can talk with energy and conviction for as long as you'll
listen--BUT if you want to talk to Joe, he'll shut right up and listen to
you in return!  Unusual.  And pleasant.


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