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Goggin, Brian (Dublin) GoggiBri at exchange.ie.ml.com
Mon Feb 3 09:21:10 PST 2003

Agreed - here's 2 serious examples that I was appalled by:

I missed the first one, so I presume he was coverred in this, but on seeing
the second one, despite the fact it mentioned King Oliver and Louis, there
was nothing about Jelly Roll Morton, who if he didn't invent Jazz, all but
did. In a subsequent episode, we hear about Benny Goodman kicking off the
Swing era and King Porter stomp. Still no mention of poor old Jelly, who was
struggling at this time while his tune was being recorded by swing bands.

While he was blowing about what a genius Ellington was, what he failed to
mention was Bubber Miley's contribution. He showed them how to swing and
much of the Ellington style was formed during his time and the brass sound,
which was one off the big Ellington band trademarks can clearly be traced
back to him alone. Tunes he wrote like "Black And Tan Fantasy", "East St
Louis Toodle-Oo" etc stayed in the repetoire 'til the end.

2 serious ommissions.

>    HI Hans.  Im sorry to tell you that the remarkable thing about Ken
> Burns Jazz Series is the very distorted history of jazz that Burns
> presents.  This series is loaded with distortions about Jazz and their are
> very serious omissions.   Keep all this in mind when viewing this series.
>     JIm Beebe << File: ATT234900.txt >> 

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