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Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com Andy.Ling at Quantel.Com
Mon Feb 3 10:08:27 PST 2003

> While channel surfing last nite, I ended up watching a Jazz Festival
> film with singer Cleo Laine and her band.  She was absolutely
> wonderful....swinging, so much in tune, and so much feeling.  Her name
> is new to me!  Where has she been all my life?  From the accent, she is
> British, I would say.  The sax/clarinet player, leader was a fellow
> named Dankworth.  I believe the drummer was also called Dankworth.
> Wasn't there a British Big Band led by a Dankworth?  Same family? 

> Information on this lovely lady?

Yes she's British and still swinging. She is married to the Sax
player Johnny Dankworth and the drummer is their son. They also
have a clarinet playing son. So it is one hell of a family.

She has been around for many years and is in her 70s now.
I can remember seeing her on TV when I was a kid in the 60s
& 70s and I have seen her and the Dankworths in concert
quite a few times.

You can find more info at :-



Andy Ling

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